About Nouveau Whippets

We are first and foremost dog owners, and secondarily dog breeders. Our decision to breed grew out of our love for the whippet and the desire to have the best dogs possible. There is only one American standard for the breed, but there are many different interpretations of it, and consequently many different styles and variations of whippets, even amongst the three primary venues; conformation showing, coursing and racing. Just as each fancier has their very own style preference, the dogs follow suit. Compromises are often made in order to excel in any given discipline, whether it is speed for beauty, or beauty for speed, and that's just the way of the world and so there is never going to be the one perfect dog for everyone.

Our goals in breeding are simple. We want to have fast running dogs, but they don't have to be the fastest. Over time, breeding for faster and faster animals tends to evolve them away from their classical form, and they may very well become something other than a whippet in the distant future. We want to have exceptionally beautiful show dogs, but they do not have to be the top winning dogs because breeding strictly for show performances tends to physicallly evolve them away from their historical purpose of being a racing and hunting dog. We want to have muscular dogs because running is their function, and breeding for a smooth, less muscular appearance for the show ring tends to rob them of their essential and unique appearance which sets them apart from most other breeds. We want wonderful dispositions because our dogs are companions first, before the show, before the racing, before anything else.

Our breed model begins with the American Whippet Club Standard, and is complemented by our desire to maintain balance in function between running, showing and living with humans.


Ch Bohem Rendezvous

(Ch Chelsea Long Kiss Goodnight x Ch Bohem All About Eve)