Crosby x Neva


Merci Isle Madam Butterfly
(Ch Tru Luv Windborn Double Encore x Dual Ch Merci Isle Butterfly Ballet)

Neva is a beautiful, typey girl that carries an exceptional heritage. Her lineage of both beautiful females and males is what attracted us to Merci Isle in the first place, and we are very happy with how she has turned out. Neva exudes elegance in her smooth, supple lines, and her face is one that absolutely melts the heart. Her beauty is well matched by her athleticism, being well muscled yet lean, without any tendency to carry excess weight. Enough muscle to get the job done, yet not so much to inhibit her maneuverability and cornering. The beauty is in the details! Being fit and well muscled is not always an asset in the show ring, where "smoothness" and less definition is often the norm, yet even with her definition and details Neva still appears more feminine and petite than many other more covered dogs.


Oberon Crosby (Ringdove Black Tuxedo x Windyglen K of Fairyfort)

Crosby descends from a proud racing heritage on both sides of his pedigree, and is an excellent example of a true running dog. While some race dogs may stray from the standard at times, we found Crosby and his ancestors to be some of teh most beautiful and typey whippets around, with smooth, flowing lines, beautiful heads and long necks, properly angulated fronts and rears without losing anything, fully muscled backs and shoulders, and above all the very characteristic top and bottom lines with solid, tight tuckups that are not commonly found in the show ring these days. Truly, Crosby is a dog that captures my attention fully whenever I see him, and Julie Alplanalp was generous enough to allow us to use him with Neva. On appearances alone, I couldn't have pictured a better mate for Neva, but after examining his pedigree in terms of type, soundness, accomplishment and consistency of get, I knew he would be a perfect match!

Crosby's Pedigree