Crosby x Neva Litter

The Crosby x Neva litter was born July 26th, and presented us with seven puppies. There were six boys and one girl, as well as six blacks and one brindle. The brindle was a boy. There were no lost puppies, although we did have a close call with the brindle boy, who seemed to pass within moments after being delivered. After what seemed like ages of resuscitation, he came around and has become one of the most robust, outgoing and vibrant of the whole pack!

Puppies at 4 1/2 weeks old.

Puppy #1 Male "Blue Boy"

Puppy #2 Male "Purple Guy"

Puppy #3 Male "Red Guy"

Puppy #4 Female "The Girl"

Puppy #5 Male "Brindle Boy or Phoenix"

Puppy #6 Male "White Guy"

Puppy #7 Male "Yellow Guy"

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